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Content Marketing

Dogs and Social Media?

Dogs and Social Media? Why is this a trend and should you utilize it for your business? (The answer is not always yes!) Has social media really gone to the dogs?? According my research – it absolutely has with 1 in 2 adult dog owners watching dog videos and pictures 5 times per week and… Keep Reading

Business Tips

Afterpay for your business

Afterpay for your business What it is, how it impacts conversions and whether it is right for you Afterpay is essentially a buy now, pay later merchant service that offers a credit alternative to handing over cold hard cash right at the checkout, interest-free. And it isn’t just online that shoppers are given the option… Keep Reading

Work and Life

8 habits of Highly Successful Female Businesswomen

Successful people get to the top with hard work and perseverance, but they also stick to few tried and tested habits. I’ve profiled the habits that some of the most successful women swear by, so you can make it to the top even faster. They’re always learning Oprah Winfrey, chairwoman, CEO and COO of her… Keep Reading

Content Marketing

3 foolproof ways to Brainstorm engaging Blog Content

One of the things that my clients often get overwhelmed with is keeping their website and social media relevant and engaging for customers, especially when imagining and writing quality content is time consuming and often head rattling. Fortunately, there are ideas everywhere in your business, amongst your staff members and amongst your customers, all you have… Keep Reading

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? And how can you use it.

Useful content should be at the core of your marketing and today, the vast majority of marketers are using it to build relationships with their customers, build trust and also increase their search engine rankings. In fact, it is used by many prominent organizations in the world, including P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and John Deere. It’s also developed and executed… Keep Reading

Customer Retention

How to Keep Customers for Life: Customer Retention strategies

Getting new customers can often be hard, but losing them is really easy and can often be the difference between significant long term growth and short-lived success, especially for startups. Keeping regular customers long term is all about creating a unique and effective Customer Lifetime Value method. Customer Lifetime Value represents the total amount that… Keep Reading

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